About Me

I grew up in Davis, California‚ÄĒfarmed fresh from the fields that dot the central California landscape and the swimming pools I competed in throughout my youth. After my undergrad studies at UC-Santa Cruz, I honed my skills as a young filmmaker shooting professional surfers across the globe. I went on to earn a Masters degree in documentary from UCSC and have screened my award-winning doc work in festivals worldwide and nationally on PBS. After a stint living and filming in Peru, I returned to San Francisco to build my commercial reel as a director where I continue to work with global brands and agencies. When I'm not working as a filmmaker you can find me surfing the rugged swells that grace our northern California coastline. Much like surfing, photography allows me to exist in the moment and practice mindfulness while enjoying the bounty of nature.

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My film 'A Letter to Congress' (2018). You can see more of my film work here.